Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ninja Saga
Hahaha....JOJOJO? Who can guess what it means?

Actually it was my profile name in Ninja Saga. So,for today entry, I just want to tell you about my favorite online game....Ninja Saga that I played in Facebook.. I already played this game for about 3 months since November last year.. During that 3 months I always think that I can finish this game until I reach level 60. At the beginning of this game, it makes me happy and enjoy to play it. But after I reached level 40 where I became a Jounin in this game, I realized that I am beginning to feel bored to play this game. I don't know why. Maybe because it is hard to increase my level. So, today with half of my heart said yes and another half said no, I deleted my Ninja Saga profile. I don't know why  I feel difficult for me to stop playing this game. But I have a strong will to stop playing it after I realized that I was wasting my time by playing this game. So in order for me to remind all the bloggers that read my entry today, I wrote this in my blog as my post today. Even though this entry look simple and empty but for me it meanings a lot.From now on I will try to focus on my study in METC and will not involved again with this kind of games or whatsoever kind of obstacles for me to success in my study..So I hope that anyone who plays this game will enjoy their journey in this game to reach any level you I already tired of playing this game. So, it is time for me to stop playing it.. See you on the next post and together we think for a while(berfikir sejenak) on what will be the next post im my blog....hahaha..... And one more thing, for those who want to try this game can click this link......
Ninja Saga

This is the village where I was lived.

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