Saturday, January 22, 2011

EASA Part 66 Examination Questions

Hi everyone. This time I would like to share some EASA Part 66 Exam Questions with you. Here I will share just for Module 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11A.12-11A.19 ,11B, 15 and 17 ...  I hope this questions will help anyone who takes this exam. So if you have another questions that can be shared don't shy to leave your links in my site. I'll try to publish it so we can share everything here together.All the links will be shown below.

Module 1- Mathematics

Module 2- Physics

Module 3- Electrical Fundamental

Module 4- Electronic Fundamental

Module 5- Digital Technique

Module 6- Material Hardware

Module 7- Maintenance Practices

Module 8- Basic Aerodynamics

Module 9- Human Factors

Module 10- Aviation Legislation

Module 11 A.12-11A.19

Module 11B1.1- 11B5.2

Module 11B.6- 11B.18

Module 15- Gas Turbine Engine

Module 17- Propeller

For Module 11A1- 11A10 I cannot upload it to share with all of you because of errors in Gmail.If I can upload it in the future I will share it with all of you.  So, I hope all of us will be succeed in our examinations to be part in aviation industry. Thank you.. See you in the next post... 
*Credit to Allif Ariffen-


  1. terima kaseh banyak2 adik...bro download module2 kat cni...mod 11 terutamanya.....Allah jer la yang boleh balas jasa adik.

  2. xpe2.... kalau awak ade bahan2 aviation yg nak di kongsi letak je link kat blog ni...

  3. encik japar. smua modules ni untuk cat B1 ke?

  4. Hello Japar! i was wondering if you have any questions for easa part 66 module 16 piston engine?

  5. terima kasih bro...... semoga Allah merahmati kamu, i have been searching for all day, salam dari Singapura......... Naz..

  6. Please add Module 6 and Module 15 bith are missing

  7. Complete Study Material for B1 License with exam question available on

  8. Terima kasih kawan, tapi ada modul yang error


  10. i was wondering if you have part 66 module 6, module 15 and module 16 questions?

  11. Hello... Just wonder if the module 15 questions can be provided and if there are more added questions to the modules?

    thank you

  12. Hi guys any of you know the number of EASA questions for each objectives in module 2

  13. Can someone please provide me with Module 15 materials?
    I really appreciate.

  14. thankss :') membantu sangattt!


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